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Your unique specimen is created here 

At Brams Woodcrafting Studio in Mysore, South India, under the direction of the carpenter expert Bram Rouws, the carpenters perfect their handicrafts, receive training according to international standards and work under fair conditions. Brams Woodcrafting Studio is a modern carpentry company with several production facilities. It is based on the traditional Indian way of working, complements it with the most modern technology and guarantees a high-quality execution.

We Design - We Manufacture - We Create

We offer our customers the development and manufacture of custom-made furniture and unique rooms.
We help you as our customer to design your piece of furniture in dialogue by transforming your ideas into masterpieces of wood.
Bram Woodcrafting Studio is our partner for design and prototyping. The manufactory employs a design team and a prototyping workshop with a total of 20 local employees. Bram Rouws, born in Limoges, France, has lived and worked as a Compagnon in India since 2014 and opened his studio in Mysore, South India, in 2017.